employee benefits

Visa Assistance and Permanent Residence Applications

SV IT INC provides visa and immigration assistance such as H-1 to eligible employees. SV IT INC also provides permanent residence (Green Card) application assistance to qualified and eligible employees.

Employee Referral Bonus Program

Bring your friends and employees to work at SV IT INC. All employees of SV IT INC are eligible for a lucrative employee referral bonus. When your friend completes three months of service with SV IT INC, you will receive a $500 referral bonus. This Referral Bonus is applicable to those you refer who are ready to go on to projects and who need no further training at SV IT INC.

Free Training

All fulltime employees are eligible to attend Training courses offered at SV IT INC's training facilities for upgrading their current skills. Timing and location needs to be worked through SV IT INC's administrative office.